Be A Better Business with Euro Containers

Be A Better Business with Euro Containers


To be a better business, you often have to evaluate the basics of your business. Making sure that you are using the best type of euro crate for your business is a good place to start if you want more storage.

Space costs money and it is often a limitation for a business that is on the edge of expansion. Any product handling company will tell your business that using Euro stacking containers instead of cardboard boxes will allow your company to maximise the usefulness of the space it currently has.

A euro container is much more than a plastic box, it has a number of advantages.  It is possible to cut costs using a long term storage solution, by picking Euro stacking containers you can change your business while staying in budget.


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Quality Euro Boxes

Just because euro containers can be cheap to buy, does not mean that they are lacking quality. If you are used to using cardboard solutions, you will notice the huge difference between them and euro boxes.

You can bulk buy euro boxes from product handling companies such as  Exporta Global. This company is based in the UK and are known to be leaders in the field of industrial storage. Purchasing from an industry leader will ensure that you are getting the best value for money and receiving a product that could last a lifetime.

Exporta highly recommends this type of storage box to food and drink companies, they say that “In our view, moving to a Euro box for food storage and transport is an excellent move by these companies. With our industrial storage boxes, we know that they are extremely robust boxes and take a lot of bashing around”.

Stacking Containers

Having stacks of cardboard boxes in your storage space is not only dangerous but it may be taking up more room than necessary.  If you only have a small area to store goods, then you could benefit most from using euro containers.

Many businesses will use the Euro containers to make a base layer, as this type of box can be stacked safely. By choosing to stack your plastic boxes you can free up the rest of your space for other goods or machinery.


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Euro Container Dividers

When buying Euro containers, many businesses also purchase Dividers. You can save even more space by using a divider. This will allow you to utilise all the space available within a Euro crate. Dividers allow you to store multiple goods whilst keeping them separate.

Organise Euro Containers

Once you buy your Euro containers, it is important that you organise your stock once they arrive. Organisation is key if you want a better business. Business basics will help your business to stay on track that is why each box should be clearly labelled. This means that when employees are trying to locate something in the tower of euro containers, they don’t have to take each one apart to find something small.